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Is there a march to autonomous cars?

My guess is there will be autonomous trucks and self driving Uber cars but the autos that most of us drive will still require operation by the owner.  There are at least two reasons.

1) There is a question of liability.  Who is responsible when accidents occur?

2) Many of us like to drive our cars.  We like to be in control.  It is the fun of accelerating, speeding, and for many we still like to shift the gears.

I predict the consequence will be cars with an abundance of safety features.  Many of them are on some but not all 2018 vehicles.
Look at the 2018 Toyota Camry and Honda Accord

-Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

If the system determines that a collision is likely and you do not brake in time to prevent an accident the system will apply the brakes to slow the car.

-Lane Departure Alert and Assist (LDW and LKA)
The system will warn you of a departure by issuing a beeping noise and will make minor correction to keep your car centered in your lane.

-Automatic High Beams

The car will turn on high beams when there the area is dark and there are no oncoming lights

-Adaptive Cruise Control

You have set your cruise control at 65 mph.  The traffic slows to a lower speed. The system slows the car to an appropriate speed and subsequently increases the speed when traffic resumes to a faster speed.

-Blind Spot Detection
Blinking lights on outside rear view mirrors and inside mirrors to aid in knowing there is someone or something that could cause an accident

-Rear cross-traffic alert
A beeping noise and flashing warnings on interior screen

I have an early 2018 Camry that includes most of these features.  The Adaptive Cruise Control that they call Radar Cruise Control is my favorite feature.  All of these safety features should be reason enough to buy a new car rather than spending more money on an old clunker.

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A Hot Summer in Yellowstone Park © – Part 5

Chapter 6

The truth is I want to have sex with Sheila just to see whether there is any difference between the two girls.  Do different women have sex in a different way?  I want to find out.

Somehow I will have to get alone with Sheila at a time that Desiree won’t know about.  After that experience with Desiree all I can think about is having sex.  My intention in coming to Yellowstone was to see the forest and the wild life.  I still wanted to do that but now the park was no longer my only focus.

Hitch hiking with Sheila was fun.  We got along quite well.  I had brought a camera from home and took dozens of pictures of hot pools, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and of course Old Faithfull Geyser.  It was early August when I invited her to go south of the park to Grand Teton National Park.  It is about 60 miles to Colter Bay Village in Teton and getting there by hitch hiking would be a challenge.  Sheila said she would accompany me if we left early in the morning.

Chapter 7

As agreed upon we had an early breakfast in the mess hall and walked out to the road to hitch a ride.  I had a backpack holding my camera, a hat, a light jacket, and a bottle of water. Sheila had her personal things in her backpack.

Within 15 minutes someone stopped for us.  They were going to the West Thumb Geyser Basin located on the far side of Yellowstone Lake.  That’s a long way from Grand Teton but it is a first step on the journey.  It was a half hour ride.

Always looking for a chance for more photos I convinced Sheila we should walk over the board walks to see the bubbling hot pools before going on to Teton. As we are walking Sheila keeps taking my hand.

After a half hour walk we returned to the road for our next ride.  In just a few minutes we obtained that next ride that took us to the south entrance to Yellowstone.  The driver was going to the nearby Snake River.

A park ranger voiced his disapproval of our hitch hiking.  We walk about 200 feet beyond the ranger station and held up our thumbs for the rest of the trip.  Once again a car stopped to give us a ride to Colter Bay Village.

The view of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountains is something everyone should see and we saw it from the village.  After a light lunch in a restaurant we took a speedboat ride on the lake accompanying other park visitors.  I got the message at West Thumb and made a point of taking her hand.

At about 2 o’clock when we decided we would have to start our return to Fishing Bridge.

This time we do not catch a ride in 15 minutes.  We are sitting on a large boulder near the road.  “Sheila, you should be the one trying to get us a ride.  That blond hair will get attention just as it got my attention.”  She responds with, “Should I blow kisses too?  What kind of girl do you think I am?” Oh, did I just say the wrong thing! “Come on. You know a pretty girl like you attracts attention.” “OK, I know it.” She leans towards me and give me a kiss.

My cock becomes erect almost immediately.  It is pressing against my pants. Sheila, “Oh David you really do have the hots for me.”

“You know it.” She responds with, “There are some nice soft pine needles and grass behind those trees.”

I swear I was not trying to have sex with Sheila in those woods.  She was coming on to me.  We were about a hundred feet from the road.  No one could see us as I dropped my pants and she pulled off her clothes. That beautiful body and those inviting tits had me drooling and she knew it. “Do you want to suck on them?” I did, then pushed her down and we screwed and screwed.  I loved it.

Thirty minutes later we caught a ride to the south entrance to Yellowstone.  Two rangers at the entrance were very angry that were hitch hiking.  The next car that came to the entrance a ranger asked the driver his destination. “Canyon Village” was the reply.  Ranger, “Good, you drop these two off at Fishing Bridge.”

I walked hand in hand with Sheila to the ladies dorm.  “See you the mess hall.”  I gave her a kiss on one cheek.

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What Canada’s legalization of marijuana means for travelers

Bill Powers, a 57-year-old Canadian has a license for medical marijuana, and pot had been legal in the state of Washington for six years. Like that, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents turned him away with an extreme decree: He had been banned from the United States.

Lying to a border agent can result in a person being denied entry. But so too can being honest about past marijuana use. So Canadians will most likely lie when asked if they use marijuana.

As laws surrounding recreational marijuana slowly change state by state in the United States, Canada as a country has just legalized the substance.  Adults 18 years and older in Canada can now purchase pot and and even grow it in their homes for personal use.

Fox News reports that Canadians could be banned from the US forever if they smoke legal pot. A Canadian citizen who drives from Vancouver to Seattle may be asked by a border agent if they have smoked pot before, and if they say yes, they could get banned from entry to the U.S. for life, even though pot is legal in Washington state.  The Los Angeles Times has already reported on one man on medical marijuana was stopped from entering the United States.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law even in states that legalize it. Ten American states have legalized the use of marijuana.

So how did the ban on alcohol consumption by the United States (18th amendment to the constitution) work out? The result was gangsters selling booze and evolving into an even more serious problems. reports the results of prohibition this was: “Under Prohibition, the illegal manufacture and sale of liquor–known as “bootlegging”–occurred on a large scale across the United States. In urban areas, where the majority of the population opposed Prohibition, enforcement was generally much weaker than in rural areas and smaller towns. Perhaps the most dramatic consequence of Prohibition was the effect it had on organized crime in the United States: as the production and sale of alcohol went further underground, it began to be controlled by the Mafia and other gangs, who transformed themselves into sophisticated criminal enterprises that reaped huge profits from the illicit liquor trade.”

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions may oppose marijuana use but a growing part of society clearly does not agree.

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A Hot Summer in Yellowstone Park © – Part 4

Chapter 5

I masturbated that night but that was nothing new.  I started to jack off just after my 13th birthday.  In Jewish law at age 13 you are considered a man.  That ancient celebration of manhood seems to have been correct.  Actually having sex or even an intimate experience had just happened for the first time for me at 20 years old.  I loved it. I wanted more.  I found myself thinking about Sheila but also thinking about Desiree.  I found Desiree’s Louisiana accent and black hair very alluring.

Sheila had lite the match.  I had made up my mind to have a real sexual encounter with either Sheila or Desiree.

In the following days we were working there were no hiking opportunities for me.  The work schedule was changed by the office and I was asked to work an extra day.  Sheila would not be working in that last two days of my scheduled days.  That schedule change put me in the laundry with Desiree and Bob for those days.

I asked Desiree if she would like a cup of coffee after work in the first of that two day overtime schedule.  She agreed and as we walked to the diner I carefully followed the same scenario that had led me to kisses from Sheila.  I told her about my school and major and she told me about her college major.

When Desiree told me she was attending Louisiana State University usually referred to by the letters LSU it came out of her mouth as LELLESHYEW. Water was pronounced watah, quarter was pronounced quatah.  It was delightful to me to hear her speak.  I walked with her back to the dorm and asked if we could meet again. Her response, “Yeyes.”

The next day after work I again asked her to join me in a cup of coffee.  She told me about her family and I told her about mine but did not tell her that I am Jewish. I asked her if she would like to accompany me on a hike the following day.  We agreed to start at 8 a.m.  This time as she entered the dorm she gave me a little kiss on one cheek.  That was the progress I wanted.

The guys in the cabin asked what I was doing on my days off and I told them about the hikes with Sheila and Desiree.  One of them said, “Making it with the girls.  You fooled me.  You seem to shy for that.” I responded with, “I’m just trying to have some fun.”

The next morning after breakfast Desiree and I went for a hike around Yellowstone Lake.  Because the elevation is about 7,000 feet you are wearing a jacket even if it is July.  After a morning hike we were near the Lake Hotel.  I suggested lunch and she was delighted.  It’s just a two mile walk from there to Fishing Bridge.  I am tired. Desiree wants to see the cabin.

As we walk in one of my cabin buddies is walking out and says, “Have a good time,” and winks at me.  Desiree, “What was all that about?” “A pretty girl, an empty cabin and he thinks we are going to be doing more than just looking at the layout.”

“David, We are going to do something.  You don’t think I walked back here just to see where you sleep.”

“Huh, I didn’t bring you here for anything like that.”  “Silly boy, I came back here to screw with you.”

I can’t believe my ears. “Undress me and let’s make love.”  My cock is rock hard. Desiree is all over me. “I have never done this before Desiree.” “It’s time Davey. It’s time.”

Somehow I am on top and find myself going into her. It is wonderful. I pull back and push in again and again.  She is screaming, “Harder, harder.”

After it is over Desiree says, “We are now girlfriend and boyfriend.  I don’t want to catch you with another girl.”

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A Hot Summer in Yellowstone Park © – Part 3

Chapter 3

I reported for work the following morning.  The group working in the laundry and shower rooms consisted of three other men and two women. There was Ken from North Carolina, Bob from Ohio, John from Kansas, Sheila from Maryland, and Desiree from Louisiana.  Since the laundry is open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. we would not all be working together.  The office would post the schedules.

The equipment in that laundry must have been forty years old. Clothes were washed in one machine, spun dry in a second machine, and then placed in large drum dryers.  Those needing clothes washed paid for the process by the pound.  Each order was placed in a mesh bag and then into the washing machine. In that way two to three washing order could be put through the process simultaneously.  The shower rooms were small individual stalls.

Ken and Bob were medium size between 5 foot 10 and six feet. John was easily 6 foot 2 and built like a football player.  Sheila was a shapely blonde haired girl about 5 foot 4 and Desiree a shapely 5 foot 2 girl with jet black hair.  We all got along well together helping each other with the old washing equipment.

Just a week into our summer when there was a leak in one of the washing machines.  Water was pouring out onto the floor and there were no visible valves to turn it off.  Sheila slipped on the floor and hit her head. John put some clothes under her head and I ran to the office for help.  I pounded on the office door but no one answered.  I opened the door that I was not supposed to open without permission. There in front of me is Marla on her knees having oral sex with Joe.  I yelled, “We need help. Sheila hit her head. We need an ambulance now.”

Marla stands up and Joe says, “You shouldn’t have come in here.  I’ll call for the ambulance.”

Fifteen minutes later the ambulance arrives but Sheila seems to be OK even before it arrives.  They do not take her to a hospital.  Instead she is examined and they tell her to take some aspirin and give a phone to call if she has any lingering effects from the fall.  Then Joe shows us where the valves are to turn off the water.

Chapter 4

The next day Sheila comes up to me to thank me for getting the ambulance and leans forward and give me one big kiss on my mouth.  I did not expect that. At that time I was totally innocent in sexual activity.  Of course I knew about intercourse and oral sex but had not experienced either.  My sexual pleasure was masturbation.

I said to Sheila, “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me after work?”  She agreed.

We went to the diner and sat at a table. Sheila told me about the University of Maryland and her major.  I told her about my major at a California university.  We then went to the mess hall for dinner. After dinner I walked with her over to the ladies dorm.  She gave me another kiss just before going in and that time I was doing the kissing.

In the days that followed Sheila seemed to be doing her best to be very friendly with me.  She is not a Jewish girl or is she?  Having been brought up in a Jewish home I had made up my mind to only date Jewish girls.  But there is a long summer ahead.  A little romance can’t hurt and I need a friend.

During the following few weeks I invited Sheila to accompany me on days off to various points of interest throughout the park.  Without a car our method of transportation was hitch hiking.  That was the way all the summer employees traveled around the park.  On most of those trips with Sheila I gave her a kiss when we returned to the dorm.  Those kisses seemed to be getting more passionate.

A forest is no place for fireworks.  Fourth of July was a day when the park rangers were out in force to ensure no one was lighting even a sparkler.  Some park employees met in the mess hall to listen to some patriotic music.  It was just days past July 4th when Sheila asked me about the cabin.  I offered to take her out to see it. Sheila was an energy person and almost skipped along as we went to the back of the cabin area. Her short blond hair made her very attractive to me.

It was early afternoon and while Sheila and I had the day off my cabin buddies were all at their jobs.  Sheila looks around the cabin and said, “This could be a nice place to stay if there were some decorations.  But I guess for guys this is probably acceptable.”  She sat down on my bed. “Reasonably comfortable.  Why don’t you sit down next to me?”

I sat down and to my surprise Sheila puts an arm around me and kisses me. “Davey, let’s do something now.” With no experience in anything intimate I was struggling to decide what I should do.

Sheila, “Take off your clothes and show me what you have.”  What have I got to lose?  I pull off all of my clothing even as Sheila is undressing I am getting an erection.  She looks fabulous and kisses me really hard forcing her tongue into my mouth.  I said, “I have no experience.” She starts rubbing me and says, “Don’t worry. I want to pleasure you.” She jacked me until I released.

Getting up from the bed, Sheila dresses and says, “We are going to have a lot of fun together” and then walks out.

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A Hot Summer in Yellowstone Park © – Part 2

Chapter 2

Once at Fishing Bridge Village I was directed to a dorm type building that housed the summer workers.  The room I was put into had two bunk bed stands and I found one space in a lower bunk.

After I had my belongings stored in a closet I walked around the village that included a general store, a photography store that sold photos of the park, a hiking/fishing equipment store that sold all the equipment you would want for overnight hikes, an office for visitors to rent a cabin, and a diner.  Immediately attached to the diner was a mess hall for the park employees along with a room where employees could meet to discuss any issues that might arise. All the buildings were neatly lined up along the two lane road just a few feet from the bridge over the Yellowstone River.

The bridge would be packed with fisherman standing shoulder to shoulder on July 1.  That is opening day to fish.

The first night dinner was pork chops.  I had never eaten them before. They were greasy with more fat than meat. I was prepared for having to eat lousy food all summer long I just never imagined that greasy pork chops and salty ham would be a frequent dinner food.  My Jewish family never ate those foods.  During the dinner and that evening I made an effort to be friendly to a lot of people from all around the country.  Some had strong Boston accents and some had strong southern accents.  One man from Arkansas had an accent that was so intense I could not understand most of what he said.

On the following morning there was a meeting of new employees in that small employee meeting room. A couple, Joe and Marla, introduced themselves as our bosses.  Told us we could bring any problems to their attention and warned us not to enter their office unless we were given permission. We were told to go to our assignment locations after lunch.

With the rest of the morning free I decided to walk around the Fishing Bridge area.  When I returned to the bunk house just before lunch there was a man from the park company inspecting the house.  One of the other summer employees bursts out with, “I am not going to share a room with that dirty Jew” as he points at me.  I had not told anyone I was Jewish.  It was the first time I had ever heard anyone say those words even though I had previously lived in a neighborhood that had few Jewish people.

When I returned to the dorm from my meeting at the laundry where I learned the job of washing clothes for the tourists there was Joe who told me that I was being moved out of the dorm to one of the rental cabins.  I was delighted.  The dorm room was small as was the entire dorm building.

I found the cabin at the back of the grounds with four beds and a wood stove.  The wooden walls were warped and the gaps between the boards would do little to protect anyone from the cold nights. The furnishings were meager but I was happy with spending the summer in that cabin.  Happily I had anticipated the cold weather and brought long john underwear that I would wear every night over my flannel pajamas.

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Building an Autocracy

The Atlantic Monthly October 2018 devoted most of the edition to the cover question: Is Democracy Dying?

David Frum’s piece titled Building an Autocracy is very troubling. Following is an abridged version is the first article in the magazine.  For definition purposes an autocracy is a system of government by one person with absolute power.

Twenty-one months into the Trump presidency, how far has the country rolled down the road to autocracy?  Yet measuring the distance traveled is vital.

Let’s start with the good news: Against the Trump presidency, federal law enforcement has held firm. As of this writing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry is proceeding despite the president’s fulminations. The Department of Justice is ignoring the president’s Twitter demands to prosecute his opponents. As far as we know, the IRS and other federal agencies are not harassing Trump critics.

Around the world, democracy looks more fragile than it has since the Cold War. But if it survives for now in America, future historians may well conclude that it was saved by the president’s Twitter compulsion.

Yet even as Trump ties his own shoelaces together and lurches nose-first into the Rose Garden dirt, he has scored a dismaying sequence of successes in his war on U.S. institutions.

President Trump continues to defy long-standing ethical expectations of the American president. He has never released his tax returns, and he no longer even bothers to offer specious reasons, like a supposed audit.

…the president continues to collect payments from people with a vested interest in decisions made by his administration, from foreign governments looking to influence U.S. policy, and even from his own party.

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of modern autocrats such as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Viktor Orbán, and Vladimir Putin is the way they seek to subsume the normal operations of government into their cult of personality.

Apparently to punish the Washington Post owner and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for his paper’s reporting, Trump has pressed the Postal Service to raise Amazon’s rates—thus warning other business leaders to be careful what they say.

Trump’s tariffs personalize power too. They enable him to privilege some industries and hurt others. Some losers—farmers, say—may be compensated; others, such as aerospace manufacturers, will be disregarded.

When Trump refers to “my” generals or “my” intelligence agencies, he is teaching his supporters to rethink how the presidency should function.

To protect the president—and themselves—from the truth about Russia’s intervention in his election, Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have concocted (and the conservative media have disseminated) an elaborate fantasy about an FBI plot against Trump.

Many Americans want to believe that Democratic victories in November will reverse the country’s course. They should be wary of investing too much hope in that prospect. Should Democrats recover some measure of power in Congress, their gains could perversely accelerate current trends. As Republicans lose power in Washington, Trump will gain power within his party.

We cannot blame democracy’s troubles in the United States or overseas on any one charismatic demagogue.  Free societies depend on a broad agreement to respect the rules of the game.

The distrust of free speech on campus is being carried by recent graduates into their jobs and communities. We see in other countries, especially the United Kingdom, the rise of an activist left nearly as paranoid and anti-Semitic, as disdainful of liberal freedoms and democratic institutions, as the so-called alt-right in the U.S.

Restoring democracy will require more from each of us than the casting of a single election ballot. It will demand a sustained commitment to renew American institutions.

The road to autocracy is long—which means that we still have time to halt and turn back. It also means that the longer we wait, the farther we must travel to return home.

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A Hot Summer in Yellowstone Park © – Part 1


My problem is I am obsessed with busty, shapely women. Even today with grown children that obsession has not subsided. It all started at the age of 13 when I experienced that first erection. I mentally drooled over all the girls who were well endowed. I was too shy to even approach a girl but I dreamed of having sex with them every night.  This is a story about my first real experience with women.

Chapter 1

In the spring of my first year in college when I was searching for a summer job I learned about jobs in Yellowstone National Park. I thought what a great way to see the park and the animals even if the pay was not that good. It might be an opportunity I may never have again. The catch was you had to apply well in advance. April was too late for the coming summer. I would have to do some serious searching for that summer job that spring. I found a part time driving job. It would provide me with money for enrollment, books, and some spending money.

The following December I sent in my application to the Yellowstone Park Company. After some back and forth letters they notified me that a job was available at Fishing Bridge Village in the laundry. The information on the actual work was lacking. I guessed it would be folding clothes.

West Yellowstone, Montana

I rode to Yellowstone via two Greyhound buses that traveled through the night. There was a change of buses in Salt Lake City. The trip was uneventful and ended in West Yellowstone. That is a village just outside the west entrance to the park. That little town tries it’s very best to look like an 1800s western town. When you are there you can walk into the park. It was there that the park company picked me up along with other summer workers and took us to our destination park villages. Along the way to Fishing Bridge the van had to stop two or three times due to bears and bison blocking the roadway. The bears were begging for food.  The bison seemed to see the roads as their personal paths.  That ride gave me a quick view of the many spectacular things to be seen in the park.

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Changing this blog

The number of readers who regularly come to this blog has significantly diminished over the past year.  Obviously I am disappointed.  My objective has been to provide “An Independent view of law, politics and social issues confronting Angelinos, Californians, and Americans.”  I will continue to do that.  However I am adding another category. Fiction.

The stories will be salacious. In other words scandalous, spicy, erotic, and possibly disturbing to some readers.  WordPress allows those kinds of stories.  If you don’t want to read them DON’T. 

This is my blog.

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Voting motivated by fear

There are 12 propositions on California’s November 6 ballot. California’s secretary of state mailed a 71 page Voter Information Guide to every household where there are registered voters. That is a good thing. The bad thing is that only the most diligent readers are likely to read the analyst reports and the arguments that are provided.

The actual laws themselves are not part of the mailed information. The major sponsors of the proposals are also not included. Instead readers are provided with website addresses for more information.

Most of us will not avail ourselves of that on line data. Instead we will be seeing the non-stop television commercials that will be coming with even more ferocity for the last two weeks before election day. Already I have seen commercials for propositions that I support that are obvious lies.

Proposition 6 that would repeal a recently raised gas tax for road improvements is a perfect example. I support the tax. But one commercial contended that repealing the tax would endanger fire fighters and police due to poorly paved roads. Many of the roads in my neighborhood are in need of repair but I have not seen even one situation where road conditions have impacted those services. Clearly that television ad was meant to create fear.

Other ads on topics related to subjects from taxes to dialysis may have similar fear mongering.

Honesty in providing accurate information is only in that 71 page circular. How many will read it?

I am quite certain that this situation is going on in every state and municipality.

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