Posted by: coastcontact | July 14, 2020

Incapable of Leadership

Donald Trump, “I alone can fix it.” There are two ways of reading this slightly ambiguous sentence. First, in the way that Trump presumably meant it, that he is the one uniquely capable of fixing what is broken in Washington and politics. Second, that he could fix it alone, that is, without allies and alliances.

It was so damn is easy for Donald Trump to take on the war against the coronavirus. “I view it as — in a sense — of wartime president,” Trump said in March. He followed that up saying, “I mean, that’s what we’re fighting. I mean, it’s a very tough situation here.”

However, instead of telling Americans they had to sacrifice to win the war on the virus by asking everyone to do his part by just wearing a mask and doing social distancing, he retreated and left every city and state to fend for itself.

When the public was peacefully demonstrating in Lafayette Square, Trump had the area cleared so he could stand in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. But without words written by speechwriter Steven Miller he stood there holding up a bible and he said nothing.

Trump was reportedly briefed on the alleged bounties offered by Russia to kill American soldiers in his daily presidential intelligence document but failed to act on the info given. He did nothing about the Russian program and denied he had been briefed.

Roger Jason Stone is an American conservative political consultant, lobbyist, and convicted felon was given a pardon by Trump. That was a signal to all of his political friends. The message is stick with me and I will protect you no matter what you may have done.

Will Trump be re-elected? His faithful followers could easily make that happen. Trump is an outstanding communicator when he has a script. Joe Biden has no passionate followers.

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