Posted by: coastcontact | July 4, 2020

It’s a Culture War

I take no joy posting this on the 4th of July but the president has given me no choice.

President Donald Trump spoke at Mount Rushmore on Friday night, claiming “the left wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American revolution.”

The reality is that the United States is changing from a majority White society to a majority No-White society. That White culture is based upon European decedents. Many of those people fear the consequences of the changing racial and religious make-up of the country.

The combative address in South Dakota, using one of the more dramatic and historical backdrops of his presidency, came as Trump trails badly behind Joe Biden in public opinion polls amid a rapidly spreading pandemic, high unemployment and a national re-examination of the role of racism in American history.

Trump has indicated repeatedly — sometimes employing racist rhetoric or dog whistles — that he believes his best hope at victory lies in rallying his largely White voting base around the idea that demands for change amount to an attack on American values and culture.

Donald Trump is playing on that fear at every opportunity! His strategy for winning the November election is obvious. He is saying, “White people, you need me because I will protect your culture.” In low minority states he is likely to win.

He is correct. Fear may be is his path to victory.

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