Posted by: coastcontact | June 21, 2020

Qanon says nothing can stop what is coming – The Prophecies of Q

Most QAnon supporters say they believe “Q” is an anonymous government official sharing information about a secret battle between Trump and a powerful cabal of Democratic politicians, liberal celebrities and the “deep state.”

The conspiracy posts, first shared through the website 4chan in 2017, also hint at a much darker plot in which many of those figures control a worldwide child sex-trafficking ring.

“The basis of the QAnon theory is that a group of high-level officials close to Trump are leaking cryptic messages” about the secret conspiracy involving Democrats, the media and the “deep state,” View said. Believers view Trump “as savior of not just the country, but humankind,” and the person “who’s going to expose the Satan-loving deep state pedophiles once and for all,” he said.

“They are very worshipful of the current leader of the Republican Party,” who, View noted, “rose to political prominence on the back of ‘birtherism,'” the unfounded conspiracy theory that alleged that Obama was an illegitimate president because he was born in Kenya. Obama was born in Hawaii.

This article that appeared in the June 2020 addition of The Atlantic is all about the conspiracy theorists that are a part of American life. Longer than anything I would write for this blog but worth your time.

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