Posted by: coastcontact | August 20, 2017

Jerry Lewis – A Great Comedian

I remember the funny part of the movie that made Martin and Lewis famous. It was My Friend Irma. A 1949 American comedy film.

The storyline follows two women, Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson) and Jane Stacey (Diana Lynn), who room together in New York. Irma is a somewhat dim-witted blonde who deep down has good intentions. Jane is an ambitious woman who dreams of marrying a rich man. She winds up as a secretary for a millionaire, Richard Rhinelander (Don DeFore).

In that movie Martin and Lewis had a small part as operators of a street cart where they sold freshly squeezed juice. Jerry was the squeezer and he did it by hand not with a machine. He held up his hand as if squeezing a piece of fruit and said “I can’t even shake hands with my girl friend.” Of course it was the way he said it and his protruding jaw that made the scene so funny. Lewis had me laughing and the Martin and Lewis comedy team lasted for about ten years.


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