Posted by: coastcontact | July 5, 2017

Garcetti for president in 2020?

This letter sent to the Los Angeles Times conveys my opinion.  I would only add that the likelihood of a Jew being elected president of the United States is as likely that a buffoon like Donald Trump being elected.  Wait a minute I guess anything is possible.

July 5, 2017  9:30 AM

To the editor: Excuse me, but what has Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti actually accomplished to be added to a short list of presidential wannabes? Is the Democratic Party’s bench so lacking that a mediocre-at-best mayor can be inserted into a serious presidential conversation for 2020? (“On the eve of Garcetti’s inauguration, soaring ambition meets a sober reality,” July 1)

Garcetti won a second term in an election in which few Angelenos voted and no one bothered to seriously challenge him. As for serious accomplishments, homelessness and gentrification are out of control, and Los Angeles has become known for high rents, anemic job growth and a seriously deficient municipal infrastructure.

Given his incessant and annoying public service announcements at LAX, Garcetti seems to be auditioning for talk radio, not higher office.

Nicholas J. Antonicello, Venice Beach


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