Posted by: coastcontact | June 26, 2017

Hillary Clinton is Unwilling to Accept Her Defeat

“Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the Barnes & Noble to sign her book “Hard Choices” at The Grove, Thursday, June 19, 2014. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News)”

The American election for president was November 8, 2016. That is more than six months ago. Everyone who loses an election for president probably goes through an emotional conflict for some period of time. Mrs. Clinton still seems to be in a state of denial.

Even worse for her is that she has blamed everyone for her loss but appears to believe that she is not to blame.

First Mrs. Clinton was a poor campaigner. During the last weeks before the election Donald Trump was appearing somewhere every day at a campaign rally. Clinton did not campaign every day.  Prior to the debates Donald Trump was appearing at rallies every day while we citizens were told that Mrs. Clinton was preparing for the debates. Despite her preparation Donald Trump at least did a credible job.

Those debates were not the turning point for her campaign. The truth is her campaign was flawed from the very beginning. In fact her entire effort lacked a theme. I remember her appearance at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles well before she announced her candidacy. There were long lines of people waiting to see her for the announcement and sale of her new book, “Hard Choices”, Thursday, June 19, 2014. Most people in that line wanting her signature inside the cover all carried signs saying “I’m with her.” That was her campaign slogan. Most of us understood that the new book was a kickoff of her campaign. I did not stand in line. I was there merely to see how many people would be willing to stand in line for that signature. The number was in the hundreds.

Donald Trump took the primary theme that has been the backbone of every Democratic Party candidate since FDR. That was the claim that the Democratic Party was the party for the working man. What does “I’m with her.” Mean?

When Businessweek told stories of people who had lost their jobs and looking for help it was Donald Trump who promised to bring back those jobs. Where was Hillary Clinton then? Nowhere to be seen. Donald Trump promised to revitalize coal mining and bring back miner’s jobs. Clinton promised to shut down the coal industry.

Mrs. Clinton offered no plans or ideas for reinvigorating the blue collar and middle class work force that historically supported Democratic candidates.

The fault for Mrs. Clinton’s loss in the election of November 8, 2016 lies with her.



  1. 3 million more people voted for Clinton and now there is proof of Russian meddling in our election. A failed election process with outrageous gerrymandering and an archaic electoral college gave us the most corrupt unqualified president in our history. Also 49% of registered voters did not vote. So did Clinton actually lose?

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