Posted by: coastcontact | June 11, 2017

“45 Years” was Oscar Nominated in 2016

We, my wife and I, usually watch a recent movie once a week unless we are out on a Saturday night. We read the Netflix DVD jacket and no other information before the movie.

Charlotte Rampling was nominated for best actress in 2016 for the role of Kate Mercer. All nominated movies are part of my list of must see movies.

The description reads: “Geoff and Kate Mercer’s plans for a 45th anniversary party are upset by some unexpected news: A body found in the Swiss Alps has been identified as Geoff’s long-ago love Katya, who perished in an accident 50 years earlier.”

We are guessing this will be a mystery. Instead it is a well-acted but slow moving story about a happily married couple about to celebrate their 45th anniversary who are troubled over the death of Geoff’s long forgotten love.

I won’t reveal the story line or the ending. I will say that like many English movies the best and most intriguing part of the movie is the last 15 minutes.

It did remind me of my old girl friend who said No to my proposal.  I had not met my wife then.  We are married 48 years.

On a five star scale the movie is about a 2½. If the movie is to be graded on acting alone it is 4.


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