Posted by: coastcontact | May 8, 2017

Crown Prince Frederick Hoepnick Laugh Montage Meets Donald Trump

Watching Donald Trump coaxing his followers to cheer his success in passing the AHCA (American Health Care Act) was in my mind really funny. That’s what they do when a television show has a live audience. An applause sign flashes to motivate that audience. Likewise there is a sign that tells audience members to laugh.

The entire spectacle reminded me of the movie “The Great Race.” Jack Lemon plays two parts in that movie. One as Crown Prince Frederick Hoepnick of the tiny kingdom of Pottsdorf.  In the first part of this movie clip the crown prince wants his court to applaud at his every move.  Donald Trump reminded me of that crown prince.

It’s called entertainment.

  That’s all folks!  



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