Posted by: coastcontact | March 25, 2017

No Mr. Trump you are not all powerful. This is a democratic republic.

   The failure of Trumpcare was good news for some.  Doctors didn’t like it.  Nurses didn’t like it.  The AARP was one of the biggest critics.

If nothing else Mr. Trump has learned that being president of the United States is nothing like owning your own company.  You cannot make demands of the people and expect they will follow your orders merely because you are president.  As the owner of your own company you can give directions to your employees and know they will be carried out.

So promising to repeal and replace Obamacare was a winning promise on the campaign trail.  As president Trump has learned that making promises is easy but fulfilling them takes another set of capabilities.  Donald Trump has not yet learned that he is confronted with a set of circumstances that are entirely different than those he faced as the head of his company.

It’s not just his health care proposal that did not pass the House of Representatives that has been a challenge.  He has seen his immigration executive orders stopped by the courts, faced questions about his proposal to defund domestic programs in order to raise defense spending, and learned that foreign affairs are far more complicated than he imagined.

It seems that when things don’t go his way he finds someone else to blame.  The Democrats are to blame for the health care defeat. “So called judges” are to blame for the hold on his immigration ban.  There are leakers who are to blame for information going to the press who only deal in fake news.

As Charles Krauthammer pointed out in his latest column the country’s checks and balances really do work.  This is a feature of government that Donald Trump either does not understand or hopes will go away.  It won’t go away.

Mr. Krauthammer listed these checks on the usurping of power.

1.     The courts.

2.     The states.

3.     Congress.

4.    The media.



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  2. As long as this blog is credited with what has been posted you may use any posting.

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