Posted by: coastcontact | February 3, 2017

LA 2024 Olympics – opening ceremony Tickets average prices more than $1,700

This was reported in the Los Angeles Times.  $250-$450 for marquee events such as the gymnastics final and basketball gold-medal game.  Less popular Olympic events, including preliminaries for rugby and shooting, would average about $34 a ticket.  Golf preliminaries would be the cheapest event at an average of $13.12. Diving finals would cost $270 and beach volleyball finals would be $166.  The overall average would be about $137 a ticket.

Clearly the Olympic games are for rich people. The rich want the city to underwrite the cost. With a 83% current occupancy rate at local hotels without any Olympics why do we need this? Of course NBC will benefit from the games and that is business. I hope Budapest or Paris wins the competition. We DO NOT need the Olympics in Los Angeles.


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