Posted by: coastcontact | January 18, 2017

How about a Trip to Europe Before You are Too Old!

Look! You cannot take all you have saved with you to the next dimension. I know, you want to leave your children and grandchildren an inheritance. Unless your children are seniors themselves, they are more likely to spend that inheritance than save it for a rainy day.

Consider just one or two splurges before your time to check out has come. I am not suggesting you spend your money at a casino. I know, Las Vegas makes an enticing place to spend a few days. There is more than that spending trap.

You can still walk, although slowly. You can still appreciate beautiful art and architecture.

Trafalgar offers some easy walking tours of London and Paris. Actually they take you to the door of many of the most famous places in those cities. Seven day cruises on the Mediterranean Sea can take you to some of Europe’s most famous cities.

Careful planning will not break the bank on those tours.

Bring you camera or smartphone and capture the memories.

Some of the Best Photo Spots in the world are in Europe.


              London Eye from nearby bridge


Claude Monet’s Garden near Paris

Taking some of the most iconic shots is a snap when you book your one trip.
• London Eye, London
• Eiffel Tower, Paris
• Trevi Fountain, Rome
• Lagagrada Familia, Barcelona
• Santorini, Greece
• Tower of Pisa, Pisa

5 Tips for Taking the Best Vacation Photos
With a few tricks up your sleeve, the kids will be fighting over who gets to see your photos first.
1. Aim for natural light and try to avoid using flash
2. Don’t pose every shot – make candid photos of people having fun your aim
3. Capture the atmosphere by photographing food, street scenes, and the locals
4. Don’t be self-conscious – these are your memories!
5. Get a good photo editing app for your smartphone and lose the bulky camera bag

We took the Trafalgar tour in 2012 and now we are planning the cruise this coming summer.


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