Posted by: coastcontact | December 20, 2016

L.A. creating $10-million legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation

Here is the proposal that is planned for a vote by the county supervisors in December and the city council in January. Under the joint Los Angeles city/county effort the two government bodies will put up $5 Million towards a legal defense fund to defend illegal aliens facing deportation.  The remaining $5 Million will be raised through philanthropic groups.  The funds will be called “The L.A. Justice Fund.”

It is estimated that 1 million of the 11 million illegal aliens in the United States are living in Los Angeles County.

The entire article is posted on line by the Los Angeles Times.

It is easy to say that local governments should not be involved in protecting illegal aliens and that the local tax payers are facing an additional burden that has not been approved through a ballot measure.

However, we do have a representative government that authorizes those elected to determine budgets and how money is to be spent.

Because there is a very large minority population in Los Angeles the will of the people is being carried out by those elected officials.  Many of them are members of minority groups.

The argument is that many of the illegal alien:
1. Have been in the United States for decades doing jobs that most Americans won’t do for pay that most Americans consider unacceptable.

2. Are working at businesses that are known to ICE to employ them but have done nothing to arrest and deport.

3. Were brought to this country as children and know of no other country. They are victims of their parent’s decisions.

4. Have children that were born in the United States and deporting the parents will break apart the families leaving the children with no caring family. Those minor children may be orphaned and require foster care.

The above reasons are enough for me to believe that the legal defense fund is an appropriate use of government tax money.



  1. We are lucky to live on the west coast-

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