Posted by: coastcontact | November 21, 2016

The Future of Jews in America

Historically, when a country has economic issues the leadership frequently blames the Jewish population.  It is a convenient scape goat that is usually a small part of the total population.

‘Hail Trump’: That’s how a group of white nationalists saluted the November 8 victory of the president-elect this weekend at the annual conference of the National Policy Institute, as seen in an exclusive video filmed by The Atlantic. The disturbing scene came during an after-dinner speech by alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who among other anti-Semitic and racist statements described America as “a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity.” His audience cheered, and many raised their arms in Nazi salutes. Trump has not endorsed these statements, of course, nor has he asked white nationalist groups for their support. But the sentiment is alarming.

Meanwhile Congressman Keith Ellison is the leading candidate to head Democratic National Committee.  A growing number of pro-Israel activists and Jewish community figures are expressing concern that Minnesota’s U.S. Rep. Ellison will turn the Democratic Party away from Israel if he is elected party chairman.

While I am not a Zionist I do appreciate the fact that Israel is the only majority Jewish nation in the world.  “Hail Trump” frightens me and so does a congressman who has a history of relations with Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam movement. The Jewish News Service reports on Ellison’s relationship with Farrakhan in detail.

My family thinks I am too involved with politics and my fears are unfounded.  Sadly history seems to support my fears.



  1. I have run into commenters lately that inform that now ‘white’ people can be proud to be white and they can say merry Christmas and thats why they voted for trump. I believe in no religion just because i feel it keeps people from loving each other. The three abraham religions are Jewish- muslim and christianity- good posting.

  2. It won’t be very long before the truth is known; whether you have reason or not to fear.

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