Posted by: coastcontact | November 3, 2016

Trump can’t make the rules for news media

The following letter appeared in today’s Los Angeles Daily News.  It reflects my opinion. 

Media are just reporting the truth about Trump

Of all the irrational attacks by Donald Trump supporters on the Daily News Opinion page, the most ridiculous is that the media supports Hillary Clinton.

From the beginning, Trump has treated the selection of president of the United States as a reality show in which he makes the rules. He has mocked the people and the processes of democracy with name-calling, unproven allegations (“birther” slurs against the only black president, among others), threats that he’ll use the office for payback against his opponent and anyone else who has stood up to him, and the accusation that the voting process is a fraud if he doesn’t win.

He has created a new uncivil war in a country that has aspired to be “one nation, indivisible.” He has truly made America hate again. If the media reports on his activities truthfully, he calls foul and threatens them.

The only media that could possibly report him as he is are the National Enquirer, the Star and the Globe. The rest are constrained to reporting factually the nearly $1 billion income claimed loss to avoid taxes, the sexist and racist comments and charges, the bankruptcies, the fraudulent “university.”

Reporting the truth is also an American way, Mr. Trump.

— Jacqelen Ruben, Woodland Hills, California


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