Posted by: coastcontact | October 27, 2016

Cars and Trucks to Avoid in 2017

Consumer Reports is a wonderful organization for giving unbiased reviews on everything from paint to cars to toasters.  They can do this because they take no advertising.  Compare that behavior with car magazines, photo magazines, and home décor magazines that thrive based on the level of advertising they obtain.  In other words it is unlikely that Popular Photography will give a negative review of a Nikon camera or Motor Trend will write negative issues about a Ford.

Thus we come to a list of vehicles that CR has defined as the “10 Least Reliable Cars.”  The report was just emailed out this morning.


With an overall rating of 35 out of 100 the Fiat 500L is ranked as the worst of the worst.  The road test was a 50 out of 100. “Reliability ranks at the bottom of our charts.”

Next to the bottom is the Ford Fiesta. Trouble spots: clutch replacement, rough-shifting or slipping transmission, noises and leaks, power equipment.  I can attest to this car’s poor rating based upon my own experience.  Hertz gave me no choice in Seattle despite my reservation for a mid-sized car.  Cramped, uncomfortable seats, and very noisy at freeway speeds.

Jeep Renegade has an overall score of 42.

Cadillac Escalade has an overall score of 44.  Reliability is much worse than average.  With a price range of $73,395 – $97,795 General Motors should be ashamed of trying to sell this vehicle.

Chrysler 200  has an overall score of 47.

Ram 2500 has no overall rating.

Tesla Model X  has no overall rating but has a Reliability is much worse than average.

Ford Focus  overall score of 50

Chevrolet Tahoe rating is 51 /GMC Yukon rating is 51

Chevrolet Suburban   overall 54  /GMC Yukon XL   overall 50.

Is it any wonder that European, Japanese, and South Korean cars are so successful in America?  My question is when will they learn?


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