Posted by: coastcontact | September 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Won the First Presidential Debate

I watched the entire debate and have read the transcript. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump struck a blow that was the equivalent of a knockout. Lester Holt did an outstanding job.

That being said Donald Trump wasted his time repeating the same things he has said repeatedly during his campaign. He brought nothing new to the table. He provided nothing to explain his contention that jobs would be returning to America after renegotiating NAFTA or how he would induce companies to return their manufacturing from China and other Far East nations. He never mentioned the wall he plans to build on our southern border. Those are his two biggest reasons to obtain the presidency.

This counter argument is a great example of how the debate went.

CLINTON: And maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years. (APPLAUSE)
And the other thing I think is important…
TRUMP: It would be squandered, too, believe me.

Or this:

CLINTON: And when we talk about your business, you’ve taken business bankruptcy six times. There are a lot of great businesspeople that have never taken bankruptcy once. You call yourself the King of Debt. You talk about leverage. You even at one time suggested that you would try to negotiate down the national debt of the United States.
TRUMP: Wrong. Wrong.
CLINTON: Well, sometimes there’s not a direct transfer of skills from business to government, but sometimes what happened in business would be really bad for government.
HOLT: Let’s let Mr. Trump…
CLINTON: And we need to be very clear about that.
TRUMP: So, yeah, I think — I do think it’s time. Look, it’s all words, it’s all sound bites. I built an unbelievable company. Some of the greatest assets anywhere in the world, real estate assets anywhere in the world, beyond the United States, in Europe, lots of different places. It’s an unbelievable company.
Hillary Clinton continued hitting him throughout the one hour and 40 minute debate in the above manner.

Trump’s reference to law and order were, in my mind, an attack on minorities.

HOLT: All right, Mr. Trump, you have two minutes. How do you heal the divide?
TRUMP: Well, first of all, Secretary Clinton doesn’t want to use a couple of words, and that’s law and order. And we need law and order. If we don’t have it, we’re not going to have a country.
Law and order is really the code words for continuous harassment of minority people in the United States by using programs such as Stop and Frisk.

One of the most powerful moments of the debate came when the conversation focused on the so-called birther debate following Trump’s recent acknowledgment that President Barack Obama was born in the US — a fact that has been evident for years. With Trump standing just a few feet from her, Clinton blasted him for perpetuating a “racist lie.”  “He has a long record of engaging in racist behavior,” Clinton said as Trump shook his head.

Hillary’s best line was “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing.”

Both campaigns will undoubtedly raise lots of money after the debate and supporters of each candidate will continue holding their views. Mr. Trump may have learned a lesson about preparation and we might see another Donald Trump in two weeks at the second debate.



  1. Couldn’t bear watching as I totally despise trump and I felt that way before his run for president. Instead I chose to read the transcript of debate. It was like listening to an adult versus a petulant man child who has nothing of substance to say. A lifelong Democrat but if trump was a Democrat I would vote republican- lol

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