Posted by: coastcontact | September 15, 2016

Seeking Interesting Photo Sights

I was visiting my local AAA office (Auto club of Southern California) on a mission to renew my car license. While waiting my turn I looked at their table of close out travel books. There I found a book titled “10,000 STEPS A DAY IN L.A.” I am unlikely to walk 10,000 steps in a day but the book offered ideas of places to visit for my photography hobby. At $13.50 the book is a bargain.

Lots of places to see are on my list of known places to visit like Beverly Hills downtown, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Fairfax District. Still the book does identify buildings of historic significance in those areas.

My first tour was to the East San Fernando Valley near the border with Burbank. There I found an attractive location along Chandler Boulevard between Vineland Avenue and Burbank city border where murals are painted on the walls of buildings with their backs facing that boulevard and an interesting book store named Iliad. The cross street is Cahuenga Boulevard and that road is lined with industrial buildings and low rent apartment houses. Not an attractive street.  However Chandler Boulevard is a walk in a park.


Iliad Book Store – Books in front stand 10 feet tall next to Chandler Boulevard


Mural along Chandler Boulevard with junk yard behind


Friends walking and talking along Chandler Boulevard


An industrial building along Chandler Boulevard across from the mural attempting to participate in the fun.

All photos taken with Lumix FZ200 camera.

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