Posted by: coastcontact | September 7, 2016

“What the hell have you got to lose?”

A report from the Daily Beast, September 7, 2016

Dallas Paper Backs 1st Dem Since WWII

The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Hillary Clinton—the first Democratic presidential candidate backed by the Texas daily standard in more than 75 years. “Résumé vs. résumé, judgment vs. judgment, this election is no contest,” the editorial board wrote. While the paper acknowledged that Clinton’s party, in general, is “at odds with our belief in private-sector ingenuity and innovation,” the endorsement noted that her experience and record of service outweigh those differences. Notably, the Morning News wrote, “We reject the politics of personal destruction… Trump’s values are hostile to conservatism.” The editorial reads: “He plays on fear—exploiting base instincts of xenophobia, racism, and misogyny—to bring out the worst in all of us, rather than the best. His serial shifts on fundamental issues reveal an astounding absence of preparedness. And his improvisational insults and midnight tweets exhibit a dangerous lack of judgment and impulse control.”

When a renowned Republican newspaper endorses Hillary Clinton you can only realize how flawed Donald Trump really is as a candidate for commander-in-chief of the United States.   Those of you reading this that are devoted Republicans should be evaluating your preference of Mr. Trump.



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