Posted by: coastcontact | August 5, 2016

Is Donald Trump a serious candidate for president of the United States?

When Peggy Noonan thinks the GOP candidate is crazy it really is time for Republicans to re-think their support for the unhinged Donald Trump.

At a CNN Libertarian Party town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper on Wednesday (August 3), Bill Weld outright mocked Trump — saying he has “a screw loose.”

Charles Krauthammer in his latest column: “It’s that he can’t help himself. His governing rule in life is to strike back when attacked, disrespected or even slighted. To understand Trump, you have to grasp the General Theory: He judges every action, every pronouncement, every person by a single criterion — whether or not it/he is “nice” to Trump.” Krauthammer’s contentions do support the screw loose contention of Bill Weld.

 David Axelrod said that if Donald Trump were trying to lose this election, he would not behave any differently than he has in the last few days.Source: CNN

There have been more than a few commentaries suggesting that Trump really does not want the presidency and is intentionally saying things that would make him unacceptable to most Americans. Of course there is also his own contention that the elections are rigged, If that was a true “fact” it would give him a way to say he can’t win and rather than going through the humiliation of a loss he has decided to withdraw from the campaign.

The Libertarian ticket is looking more appealing by the day. With 94 more days until election day we all have plenty of time to change our minds multiple times.

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