Posted by: coastcontact | July 26, 2016

Horrible Campaign for President of the United States

Bernie Sanders was not a candidate as much as he was a spokesman for a cause. That is the reason his followers booed him as he implored them to support Hillary Clinton in two different speeches yesterday (one at a Sanders campaign meeting and again when he spoke at the convention).That cause is the views of the more “liberal” wing of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump faced the same hostility in the Republican Party. He does not represent the conservative views of most Republicans. No past presidents, many Republican leaders, and many of his primary opponents did not come to the RNC convention to offer their support for his candidacy. Ted Cruz, for reasons only he knows, felt compelled to speak at the convention only to be hustled out of the hall out of fear for his safety. Cruz’s primary comment telling everyone to vote their conscience says everything about where many Republicans are with Mr. Trump.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face the same issue. Without the support of a volunteer campaign staff, they will have a difficult time reaching the voters. Trump has run his campaign without a large staff and appears to believe his unorthodox style does not require thousands of volunteers. Hillary understands the need for a significant volunteer army. If Trump wins, future campaigns will not reflect the past.

Public concern should be the future of the United States under the leadership of either of these candidates as they are both seriously flawed.


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