Posted by: coastcontact | July 21, 2016

The Republican National Convention Ends its Meeting on a note of Fear

Donald Trump painted a grim portrait of the U.S. and cast himself as its only savior in his GOP acceptance speech.

Donald Trump - I can fix it!
  “I alone can fix it”


Donald Trump‘s basic campaign theme is

-Our country has been mismanaged for decades and that has cost the nation its industrial base. That has resulted in a major loss of jobs.

-Illegal aliens from Mexico are coming to the United States to rape and kill us.

-Crime is rampant. I am the law and order candidate.

-The rest of the world no longer respects us because we have not been tough enough on terrorists.

The reason that Mr. Trump has had a successful campaign is that no one has challenged any of his contentions.

Trump’s lack of details on how he will “Make America Great Again” will not sit well with many Americans. Many of those Americans are Republicans. Ted Cruz’s remarks about “voting your conscience” is a message to those disappointed Republicans who see Donald Trump as a phony conservative.

The best line in Trump’s speech was the comparison of Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with her” slogan to his “I’m with you.”

Now we await the Democratic National Convention.



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