Posted by: coastcontact | July 19, 2016

GOP Convention 2016

Donald Trump controlled the words of Mike Pence in the Trump/Pence interview on 60 Minutes as Mike Pence hesitated to answer questions until prompted by Trump.

Trump reminds me of a boss I had about 30 years ago. The job was decent but that boss was a “no it all” type who wanted control of everything. It was so bad that one occasion in his car he flipped up the sun visor on the passenger side after I had just put it down. He acted like he knew everything about every subject. Most definitely he wanted to control everything and that is the Trump behavior.

This first day of the GOP convention was perfect for Donald Trump. Every one of those speakers said the things that Trump could have said. Every reporter is examining every word of every speaker. We will all learn about the mistakes in the next few days.  Even the highlight of the night, the Melania Trump speech is already being picked apart as similar to Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008 and maybe there was some plagiarism. I am certain that Trump will defend Melania’s speech as he should.

The question is will this convention win any new supporters for the Trump candidacy? The answer will come after we have heard the last words spoken on Thursday night. That translates to the polls that will follow.  I did not listen to every speech but saw enough to recognize great choreography.


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