Posted by: coastcontact | June 23, 2016

Congress Does Not Want to Stop Illegal Immigration

My parents moved to the United States when I was six months old. I have grown up in this country. My first home was a two room cabin that had no running water. My connection with the place where I was born is a ZERO. I have never visited that village.

Fortunately my parents entered the United States legally. They applied for citizenship as soon as was permitted.

What if they had not entered legally? Under that scenario they could have been deported and most likely I would have gone with them along with my American born sister. That is the plight of illegal aliens who have lived in this country for decades. Some brought young children with them and some have children born in the United States.

In my career I have had three employers who hired illegal aliens. Of course all of those undocumented workers signed an I-9 form. They are here illegally so why would they not sign a form swearing they are in the country legally and have a right to work?

This is an issue that makes the United States culpable. The reason is that the E-Verify system has been in place for decades but its use is voluntary. EVerify was originally established in 1997. If it had been mandatory millions of people would not have obtained employment and the question of deportation would be significantly reduced.

Of course those companies wanting to hire people at minimum pay wages will take almost anyone onto their payrolls. EVerify would stop illegal migrants from obtaining work but would also reduce the number of people who will accept a minimum pay job.

The only new immigration law we need now is mandatory EVerify. Businesses will object. Those businesses have lobbyists whose goal is to sustain the supply of low wage workers.

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