Posted by: coastcontact | May 16, 2016

Only in LA: Our Cold Property edition

Only in LA: Our Cold Property edition

By Steve Harvey | May 15, 2016 10:20 PM

Welcome to the tour, where you’ll get the real dirt on housing in this region.

We don’t need to tell you: real estate is sexy around here



Even the weeds are special.



But Cold Property has something for everyone. You like to pay way too much for stuff? No problem.


Sure it might hurt a little.



Tired of those deadly dull neighborhoods? There’s action afoot here!



You want to discourage visitors. Easy.



Speaking of no-frills places.

Cold Property can show you a unique one-room dwelling that won’t attract many solicitors.No Frills



On another property, a bit further inland, we remind you to read the directions carefully.


Let alone take a step.

No Floor









There’s only a small chance that you will be trampled by wandering cabinets.

Walking Closet






And we have some interesting fixtures. Hey! You said no-frills.


The appearance of some rooms may surprise you a bit. But that’s part of the fun!


One word of caution: Please don’t disturb the owners, even those who live in their cars.

Vacant Lot



Oh, and by the way, if you’re not ready to buy yet we have other tantalizing possibilities for you.

For Rent


Steve Harvey can be reached at His Twitter address is @sharvey9.


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