Posted by: coastcontact | May 7, 2016

40 million and counting

I admit to being a numbers wonk.

Twelve percent of the United States population lives in California. It was that way in the last national census. So we are not growing faster than the national population. California’s major cities have run out of space so they must either build taller apartment houses or simply resign to the fact that they have reached to maximum population limit. The consequence is the ever increasing price for rental apartments and individual homes.

California is within earshot now of 40 million residents — 39,256,000 — based on analysis of housing data and other measures. The way these surveys rely on slightly old data, in reality California is possibly already over 40 million.

The state Department of Finance’s estimate also pegs the city of Los Angeles at over four million population for the first time since the state has done this report. Or not quite triple the population of California’s second-largest city, San Diego. Here is the top 10:

  1. Los Angeles   4,030,904
  2. San Diego     1,391,676
  3. San Jose       1,042,094
  4. San Francisco  866,583
  5. Fresno             520,453
  6. Sacramento     485,683
  7. Long Beach     484,958
  8. Oakland          422,856
  9. Bakersfield      379,110
  10. Anaheim          358,136

Here is the full report if you like to peruse the stats.

California’s population was 10.7 million people in 1950. In 1960 at 15.8 million people it was behind Canada that had a population approaching 18 million. Today Canada’s population is lagging behind at 36 million and NYC has grown by about 1 million people since 1990.

We all ought to understand the reasons. They are the weather, arts and entertainment, high technology, outstanding colleges and universities.

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