Posted by: coastcontact | April 27, 2016

America First by Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Foreign Affairs 4-27-16

Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech was well written and well presented. However it lacked any detail. Lots of vague generalities was the order of the day. The New York Times commentators offered some interesting and worthwhile observations.

The only thing that can be understood is that, as president, Mr. Trump would put America first in all of his decisions. Which president and which candidate for president would to otherwise?

Mr. Trump is a master of generalities. Read the speech slowly and carefully and you will see glaring contradictions. Compare these two statements in his speech. “Our allies must contribute toward the financial, political and human costs of our tremendous security burden. But many of them are simply not doing so. They look at the United States as weak and forgiving and feel no obligation to honor their agreements with us.” “America is going to be a reliable friend and ally again.”  So which is it?

Trump repeatedly said that the United States under his administration would be a “reliable” power. But he also said U.S. policy would have to be “unpredictable” to keep the world guessing, a formula rarely used in high-stakes diplomacy.

Being president of the United States carries a major responsibility. Do you really want a reality show star to lead this country?



  1. I am ashamed of our country that this man is even being considered for president. I know of many people that haven’t voted in a long time that have registered to vote just so they can vote against trump and vOTE democrat. So in that case he is helping.

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