Posted by: coastcontact | April 7, 2016

Is Ted Cruz Anti-Semitic or Just Anti-New York?

On today’s The Situation Room, CNN Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin slammed Cruz’s comments about “New York values” as a “derogatory term ” about Jews which amounted to nothing more than an “old-fashioned” “anti-semitic trope” from “a hundred years” ago.

When Jeffrey Toobin, who also happens to be Jewish and NYC resident, says the New York values comment by Ted Cruz is code for an anti-Semitic slur, I must recognize his opinion. Personally I did not know the meaning of Cruz remark.

Surprisingly, Wolf Blitzer, who also is Jewish, pushed back clarifying Cruz’s comments, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy Toobin.

WOLF BLITZER: Well, he says he was referring to liberal politicians in New York state.

TOOBIN:  Oh, really? [sarcastically]

BLITZER  And he mentioned Cuomo, he mentioned Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner. You heard the list of the people he mentioned today.

TOOBIN: But they have nothing to do with money and media. Money and media is Jews. This is just an old-fashioned anti semitic stereotype derogatory term and everybody understands it.

Jennifer Rubin writing in The Washington Post tried to understand Cruz’s meaning but the best she could offer is New Yorkers are materialistic and liberals. Rubin is Jewish but grew up in California so she her perspective, like mine, isn’t New Yorker. She may not have ever been the victim of Anti-Semitism.

 Cruz has voiced unending support for Israel. That is a significant qualifier for Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. I wonder what Adelson makes of the Cruz remarks about New Yorkers. Adelson is from Boston.  Other wealthy Jewish Republicans could also be upset about the Cruz comments.

The fight at the GOP convention will be wild.


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