Posted by: coastcontact | April 1, 2016

When a Cartoon Character Thinks he is Real

The idea of Donald Trump as president of the United States is the same as imagining a cartoon character being depicted as the president. To the best of my knowledge no one has ever done that. Donald Trump is trying.

First consider that Mr. Trump has never held ANY elected office anywhere. He is obviously a smart man in many ways, having built a multibillion dollar business mostly through his own efforts.

In all of his negotiations and business dealings government actions or inactions have been of no consequence to him as long as they did not impact has intentions.   As a consequence he was not an expert or perhaps even an interested party in law or international affairs.

Other than his earlier contention that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen and thus not entitled to hold the presidency (the birther question) he did not appear to give any attention to any government policies.

I am going to build the biggest wall.
They are rapists and murderers.
We must stop all Muslims entering this country until we understand what the hell is going on.
NATO has no value anymore.
South Korea and Japan should have their own nuclear weapons.
Women who have abortions should pay a penalty.

You could not have made this up.

On the Friday night ABC national news there was a report of two men, with backpacks scale a 20 foot was on the border between Arizona and Mexico. It was accomplished in 12 seconds. For reason no one knows the men become concerned and returned to Mexico. The entire event was captured on a monitoring camera.

President Obama commented on Trump’s lack of international knowledge at a news conference on nuclear proliferation. CNN report: President Barack Obama said Donald Trump’s suggestion that Japan and South Korea should consider obtaining nuclear weapons demonstrates the Republican presidential front-runner’s lack of understanding about foreign policy and the world at large. He concluded, “We don’t want someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t recognize how important that is.”

Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, cartoons do not reflect the real world. The real world is not The Apprentice.


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