Posted by: coastcontact | February 29, 2016

Summer in February

The trees and other spring blooming plants at my home are confused. Everything is blooming. American Robins were in the front yard splashing in the water from the sprinklers. It was supposed to be one of the wettest Februaries on record. Instead, by one measure at least, it became the hottest on record. We turned on the air conditioning for about 30 minutes this afternoon as the temperature approached 90°F. Underground Weather reports the temperature reached 94°F. The forecast is for a rainy period with temperatures in the 60s starting Sunday.

Robins in water 2-24-16 #1 Robins in water 2-24-16 #2 Robins in water 2-24-16 #3 Robins in water 2-24-16 #4

All photos taken with Panasonic FZ200 camera

The downside of this summer weather in February is my concern that next summer’s temperatures will be beyond healthy extremely hot. That might be a good excuse to head to the mountains or the beach for cooler weather. It’s foggy in Newport Beach, California today. Is this part of El Niño/La Niña? The weather bureau seems to be unable to provide reliable information.



  1. We are seeing the impact of climate change. With the arctic warming up, it’s changing the jet stream.


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