Posted by: coastcontact | February 21, 2016

And Then There Were Five

GOP Candidates 2-21-16Jeb Bush finally dropped out of the race for the presidency. It was no loss for the Republicans or the nation. I always thought he looked awkward at the rallies he held. He offered no new ideas that anyone cared about. He was the establishment candidate that was backed by what was reported to be a $100 million super-pac. The very thing that most Americans despise – a group of wealthy contributors who would expect something in return if he was elected.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have one thing in common. They abhor super-pacs. Both of them a drawing the largest crowds at their campaign events. Both of them are scary alternatives to the establishment candidates. Still the pubic seems to love them for their extreme views.

Still I do not believe the GOP race is not over. Marco Rubio is likely to be the new establishment candidate and when John Kasich and Ben Carson drop out his position might easily bring him to at least 50% in the polls.

Sadly if Rubio wins the nomination I will have to support the Democratic candidate. Rubio clearly stated in one of the debates that under no circumstance would he support an abortion even if the mother’s life was at stake. That horrible situation might leave a family with no mother and the loss of someone’s dearly loved wife.

I view Hillary Clinton as someone in the same category as Jeb Bush. A super-pac backed traditionalist who does not care about anyone but herself. She happens to favor abortions to preserve the life of the mother.  Donald Trump’s abortion views are unknown to me and apparently everyone else as he has avoided offering his view on debate stages, town hall forums and other venues.


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