Posted by: coastcontact | February 2, 2016

A $1,000 Pill in the United States Costs $4.29 in India

As reported in BusinessWeek magazine (January 11-17, 2016 edition) the treatment for Hepatitis C in the United States by Gilead Science’s Sovaldi costs $1,000 a pill or $84,000 for the entire treatment. However in India the same medication is being manufactured by an Indian company as a generic with another name but is the same medication. The cost is $4.29 per pill.

Some medicines are sold in Canada for one-third (1/3) the price that Americans pay for the identical product. Aciphex and Dexilant are among that group.

Senator Bernie Sanders has spoken repeatedly about our broken health care system that does not provide health care for everyone. Medicare is not permitted to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies but must pay the rates those companies set.

Why hasn’t our congress addressed these issues? The simple answer is that pharmaceutical companies have the lobbyists who influence our representatives and provide the funding for re-election.

No matter who is elected president in November 2016 it is a good bet that this situation will not be changed in any significant way as long as we keep sending the same congress representatives and senators back to Washington.


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