Posted by: coastcontact | January 16, 2016

Testing Ted Cruz’s Canadian Roots

Is Ted Cruz really a Canadian? The test should be in his use of language. Canadians have some word usage that appears to be unique to them.

First there is the use of the word “eh.” Using that word changes a statement of fact into a question. It is so simple to use and anyone can do it. All you have to do is make a statement like “It is a very nice day out today.” If you add “eh” to the end of that statement, you can turn it into a question that will require a friendly reply from the person you are talking to. For example…”It is very nice day out today eh?” To which the other person will reply “Yes it is.”

Second there is use of the word “about.” Many Canadians pronounce that word “aboot.” This may not be a dead give-away since many do pronounce the word as do Americans. Make no mistake. If Ted Cruz pronounces this word “aboot” then he is Canadian.

Third is his efforts to find a toilet while in a restaurant, hotel, or other place while he is campaigning. If he asks where is the washroom, that is a clear giveaway. There are no restrooms in Canada. The signs all say “washroom.” I was alerted to this on my first trip to Canada as an adult. My wife was looking for a restroom while we were in a Vancouver mall. Then she saw the word “washroom” and knowing that my father, who grew up in Canada, uses that word frequently identified the usage.

Forks, knives, and spoons are not silverware in Canada. The word they use is cutlery. I learned that from my father and have never used the word silverware except when it really was silverware. So ask Ted Cruz how he identifies the utensils.

Coke may be soda in the United States but it’s “pop” in Canada.

A bath robe is a housecoat in Canada.

Serviette: napkin.

Zed: the last letter of the alphabet (Z).


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