Posted by: coastcontact | January 15, 2016

Americans Want an Outsider to Lead the Country

The first GOP presidential debate of 2016 displayed fear. That was the opening round. Fear all Muslims, fear the terrorists, fear all Latinos, fear they will take away our guns, fear that the economy is going to collapse. Of course all the blame goes to the Obama administration. The crowd loved it.

Then we came to part two and that was the Donald Trump reasons that we should support him over Ted Cruz. The crowd loved it.

The rest of the candidates were barely noticed. Nothing they said will change their positions in the polls. We have heard their ideas before and for the most part are not in agreement with their ideas.

The media seems to think the ratings were Trump won and Cruz came in second with Rubio on his heels.

Can anyone beat Donald Trump? Probably not. He learned how to entertain the crowds on The Apprentice and that education enables him to draw in a public yearning for an outsider.

Americans are tired of the Washington crowd that makes promises they rarely keep.  That is the reason Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls.

The general election will be very interesting.


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