Posted by: coastcontact | January 4, 2016

The Low Pay for Low Skills Lie

No one wants to be poor and no one wants to ask for aid from welfare offices. Unfortunately some people simply lack the abilities needed to successfully attend college. In fact some people struggle to graduate from high school. That is the reason we have a population of poor adults that will always have an income barely above the minimum wage for their entire lives.

In a world where high tech skills are the driving force and innovations that are eliminating many low skill jobs, the least able in society must accept simple jobs that do not provide a living wage.

Those poor people may be hard working but there simply is not enough family income to pay the cost of food, clothing, housing, and the other basics that the rest of us take for granted. Society’s solution is welfare.

The argument given by so many people against raising the minimum wage is that the jobs they do are not worth any more than that low pay.

Thus we, society, are subsidizing all industries that employ minimum wage personnel. We are giving them welfare. Society makes the poor feel even worse about their condition by requiring them to apply for welfare, present food stamps to markets, and other degrading actions.

The solution is to require employers to pay a “living wage” for the lowest skill jobs. Those people in that category would no longer receive welfare aid. The only people receiving welfare aid would be the mentally and physically handicapped. What about single mothers with young children? Require employers to provide child care either on site or through payments to child care facilities.

Of course there would be a chorus of objections to the cost burdens placed on employers. The answer is that society is currently paying the bill through welfare payments and that translates to higher taxes.

Conservatives who object to subsidies should be happy with reduced government size and Liberals should be happy to know that even the least able in society will receive a living wage.


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