Posted by: coastcontact | December 7, 2015

Is Donald Trump the New Hitler?

Trump and HitlerThe similarities between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler are frightening. The United States is not in the same condition as Germany in the 1930s but many people see themselves as victims of a similar plight. They have low paid jobs or no jobs at all while there are wealthy people who are earning fabulous salaries and bonuses. Bernie Sanders has pointed out that the wealth of the richest 1% is greater than the bottom 90%. 

Unlike Senator Sanders, Mr. Trump has rallied his support from those “victims” of illegal immigration from Mexicans who are “all rapists and murderers.” 

Today Mr. Trump has added all Muslims to his list of people to fear.  This methodology was the same used by Hitler in his campaign of hate against Jews in the 1930s.  Perhaps we should blame Sanders for the rise of Trump.

Trump has found minorities to blame for the plight of the poor in America.  Who will be his next group to blame? Will it be Jews or perhaps Asians?

Are Americans “that stupid” to fall for this clap trap?

Where are the sensible GOP candidates for president? Jeb Bush makes mild disavowals as does John Kasich and the others are silent.

Hillary Clinton may believe that the nomination of Donald Trump is her path to the presidency but there is a frightening tide flowing across this nation.

Am I just being hysterical?  The crowds at Trump rallies tell me we do have something to fear.


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