Posted by: coastcontact | December 4, 2015

From Sandy Hook to San Bernardino

Tashfeen Malik age 27

Tashfeen Malik age 27, the face of terrorism

This year is ending on a very sad note. Apparently we have just experienced another act of terrorism that is almost exactly three years after the Sandy Hook massacre. In that time we have seen multiple massacres that have caused everyone to become accustomed to those horrible acts.

Our government cannot protect us from the quiet killer who showed no signs of planning to kill. We are all left alone to protect ourselves and our families. That means that those who don’t own a gun will now have to consider buying one and learning to use it.

Even those working in facilities providing services to the disabled will have to carry a firearm just in case there is an attack.

I am most depressed by our government’s idea that they do not have to pass any regulations that would limit the sale of guns. I just saw someone at a gun range in the San Bernardino area saying on the air that “Guns don’t kill people, it’s people who kill people.”

Congress just voted down a new registration program two days ago.

As I non-gun owner I have three choices.

  • Take a chance and hope I never am in a place where there are weapons being used.
  • Buy a gun and carry it with me as protection.
  • Move out of this country that has gone mad.

Will you buy a gun and carry it with you?



  1. No- I won’t buy a gun. What I will do is be tireless in advocating for strong effective regulations and vote and support only those that are in favor of needed regulations. The republicans voted down a provision to make it illegal for people on a terrorist list to buy guns. It’s easy to see why when you follow the money trail. We the people have the power to enact change but only if we unite and use our voice. I have had a gun pulled on me aND guess what- even if I had had a gun, there was no time for me to pull out said gun. I used my wits and the angels were with me. My youngest in october was at a bar with friends to celebrate a birthday- a fist fight broke our aND two lay dead and the man next to my son was shot in the leg- that’s how close I came to loosing my son, but two mothers lost their sons. This insanity has to end and more guns is not the answer. The world looks on in horror and they can’t understand why we continue to allow this to happen. My 8 year old granddaughter broke my heart when she described their armed intruder drills- somehow we must change this-

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