Posted by: coastcontact | September 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ Labor Day Index

This is an OP-ED article in today’s Los Angeles Times. It is posted under Senator Bernie Sanders name. The data is not news to me but might be news to you.

Bernie Sanders


Amount a full-time worker must earn per hour to afford the average two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles:


Factor by which this exceeds the city’s current $9-an-hour minimum wage




Number of manufacturing jobs in the United States on Jan. 1, 2000

17.3 million


Number last year:

12.1 million



Percentage change in annual worker compensation from 1978 to 2013:


Percentage change in annual CEO compensation from 1978 to 2013:




Average CEO pay in the S&P 500:

$13.8 million

Amount of the top-compensated CEO,

David Zaslav of Discovery Communications,

was paid in 2014:

$156 million

Median salary at Discovery Communications in 2014:




Median weekly earnings for full-time workers in 2015:


For female full-time workers:




Real national unemployment rate:


(This is from the BLS Table A15, U6 data, 8-31-15)


For young White high school graduates:



For young African American high school graduates:




Percentage of the entire wealth of the United States owned by the top 1%



Percentage owned by the bottom 60%:




Percentage of Americans without health insurance for at least part of the year 2013:


Percentage of Canadians:


Percentage of Israelis:




Number of countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that mandate some form of paid family leave:


Number of OECD countries that do not:



Percentage of U.S. workers without access to paid family leave:




Number of American children living below the poverty line is 2012:

24.2 million



Percentage of Americans who still believe in the American dream:




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