Posted by: coastcontact | September 2, 2015

Splitting the United States into Manageable Independent Nations

My contention is that the United States is too diverse to remain as one nation. Western Europe is geographically about the same size as the United States but it is split into many countries that are primarily separated by culture. Yes they each have their own language and that continues despite the European Union and the Euro. What they all seem to have in common is their dislike and perhaps distaste for the other nations in their union.

Hear me out on this topic.

I grew up in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. My knowledge of other parts of the country is mostly limited to the things I read and see on television reports. Most people are like me in that they too have limited knowledge of other parts of this country. A two week vacation trip to NYC does not make you an expert on their culture.

The things we all have in common is our language, our money, and our respect for the constitution that binds us together as a nation. Like Europe we are also separated by culture.

Clearly we do not agree on many subjects from abortion rights, to gun control, to immigration, to world trade. Those divides have made Americans so adamant that their ideas are the only correct ideas as a result no legislation on any of the subjects can be processed by the congress. The resulting animosity has caused the government to shut down due to lack of funding. No one seems to have the courage to lead this nation out of its stubborn freeze.

Stupidly we continue to send the same people to represent us in Washington. We keep hoping that something will change. What is the thing that will motivate our representatives? There is nothing.

Colin Woodward wrote an article in Tufts Magazine titled ‘Up In Arms’. Subtitled, ‘THE BATTLE LINES OF TODAY’S DEBATES OVER GUN CONTROL, STAND-YOUR-GROUND LAWS, AND OTHER VIOLENCE-RELATED ISSUES WERE DRAWN CENTURIES AGO BY AMERICA’S EARLY SETTLERS’, it divides North America into eleven separate ‘Nations’. They look like this.

America Splitting Apart

click map to enlarge

The likelihood is we won’t split apart until things become desperate. At the rate things are going that may be sooner than you think.


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