Posted by: coastcontact | August 7, 2015

Democrats and Republicans Beware!

The first Republican Party Debate for the 2016 election created an extreme viewing of 24 million Americans. It was the biggest view of a presidential debate in history. The draw was Donald Trump.   His fame as host of The Apprentice on NBC and his many bombastic statements since his entry into the election campaign made him the reason for the interest.

Today’s commentaries by the range of right to left commentators was unanimous. Everyone on television from Chris Matthews to Charles Krauthammer have all predicted that Donald Trump would soon become a memory. Not one thought that Trump will be the nominee.

While I am not a Trump supporter I will not be surprised if he leads in the polls into the voting season. The reason is simple. None of the other candidates stood out as Donald Trump stood out. They are all experienced politicians. They all said the predictable things. Americans are tired of experienced politicians who make no commitments. Minnesotans elected wrestler Jesse Ventura to the governor’s office. Californians elected actor/body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger to the governor’s office.

As far as the Megyn Kelly versus Donald Trump in the debate consider this. First Trump’s argument with TV host Rosie O’Donnell goes back to 2006 and relates to O’Donnell’s criticized Trump for failing to fire that year’s Miss USA, Tara Conner. Other comments relate to his The Apprentice program. Both of those situations have nothing to do with Trump’s run for the president. In my opinion Kelly should not have asked anything about those incidents. Kelly does not understand that those events had to do with entertainment not real life.

So why not elect a successful business man and entertainer to the presidency? After all the two political parties have proven they can’t govern. Why not give someone else a shot at managing this country?

That is the reason I suspect Donald Trump can become the GOP standard bearer in 2016.



  1. When you finished you post with the sentence,”…….I suspect Donald Trump can become the GOP standard bearer in 2016″ it gave me tremors of when Barack 1st entered the Presidential race. Though I do appreciate Trump’s candor and ideas I would no more vote for him for President than obama, but for polar opposite reasons. obama wants a socialist society and Trump will see everything through the eyes of a businessman. Our nation though imperfect for hundreds of years was the best one on the face of the earth and if we do not find someone to take us back to a solid belief in the constitution we will soon will be like the once great England watching the sun finally set on that greatness.

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