Posted by: coastcontact | August 4, 2015

Tired of Old Time Politicians

Donald Trump1There is a reason for the rising popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Americans are tired of political hacks. It’s the same people running for office we have seen over and over again. Americans are tired of the talk and no action gang. That is something that Mr. Trump has pointed out. To put it another way, “Where’s the beef?”

I am quite certain that many Americans will be watching the Fox News debate on Thursday night for two reasons. 1) Donald Trump is well known to be entertaining and many hope to be entertained. 2) Will Donald Trump offer solutions to the problems facing the United States?

If Mr. Trump does offer solutions to problems he will continue to lead in the polls even if many do not agree with his ideas. The reason is that most Americans do not believe that the rest of the candidates will do the things they have promised.

Americans want solutions and someone they believe can deliver on their promises. The stable of old politicians represents the unfulfilled promises of the many issue.  Most of us doubt those old politicians will deliver this time.



Our nation needs a shakeup. A non-politician may be the solution many Americans are seeking. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two examples of non-politicians getting involved in the job of managing the government. Schwarzenegger was poor choice but Reagan was considered by many to be an outstanding choice.

Then again remember Herman Cain and Ross Perot.


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