Posted by: coastcontact | August 3, 2015


When Chris Matthews asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz explain the difference between Democrats and Socialists she wouldn’t answer the question. Instead she chose to respond by comparing Democrats to Republicans. The question was again brought up on Meet the Press.

So even after that Hardball interview Ms. Schultz either was not prepared to answer the question restated by Chuck Todd or she fears the comparison. However Chris Matthews did define the difference in stating that America is the country of free enterprise that is supported by both political parties.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: “Democrats have had a record in this country for 200-some years of being for social security, Medicare, civil rights, interventions in the market, but not getting rid of the market. Clearly, they accept the power and the efficiency of a capitalist system. Socialists do not. This is a fundamental difference.”

Too bad Wasserman Schultz didn’t say that.

A socialist is someone who supports the political philosophy of socialism, which is a governmental system that advocates community ownership and control of all lands and businesses rather than individual ownership.

Bernie Sanders is an Independent and an avowed socialist. He admits it.

That definition of socialism forces me to not support Bernie Sanders for the presidency.


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