Posted by: coastcontact | July 27, 2015

Proof of Global Warming?


Photo taken with Panasonic FZ200; 1/800 sec;   f/4.0;   ISO 100

All the grass was brown

And the sky was blue

We landed at SETAC

And the heat was on

We weren’t California Dreamin’

On this warm Washington day

OK, maybe I am not a lyrics writer but the message was clear. As we landed we could see the brown fields. It was a perfect holiday for southern Californians who abhor rain. We did cancel our trip to NYC because of the rainy days. So a draught stricken northwest gave us the opportunity to see Seattle and Vancouver without facing their usually rainy days.

It was no better in Vancouver. We wore shorts and T shirts on most days. To emphasize their problems in Vancouver we heard a report on the radio that ALL lawn watering was banned. Stanley Park, so famous for its green laws was a parched brown.

If this isn’t global warning, what is it? Even in Toronto they are selling rain barrels to help water the plants. The cost of beef has increased by 50% this year due to dwindling herds of cattle caused by the lack of rain and the high cost of feed.

Is this a prelude of the world as depicted in “Soilent Green?”



  1. We are in serious drought here in portland, also. The kids went camping at their favorite lake only to find it almost empty and a ten min walk to beach from what usually would have been a campsite right on lake. Fish are dieing in several rivers – it did rain today and hopefully tomorrow but then straight into the high 90s. Sure wish our government would take their heads out of (well you know where) we still have time to mitigate the coming changes, but since they just let shell drill in arctic, doesn’t seem they take it very serious. We have droughts before but not the long stretches of such hot weather – good posting

  2. Frightening. ..?…?

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