Posted by: coastcontact | July 24, 2015

Will the Anthem-Cigna deal cost you money?

The question posed by the Los Angeles Times is ludicrous. Dave Jones, California’s insurance commissioner, said he doubts there will be any significant benefits to customers from this latest merger.

This is a no brainer. With reduced competition Anthem will be able to raise their rates and possibly reduce coverage for many with hard to treat illnesses.

In a society where profits are the driving force we all know that this merger will be approved and everyone will pay more for coverage. Even those not enrolled with Anthem or Cigna will see their rates increase.

Imagine the cost of the food you eat if there was only one source. You must buy your food from that one source or grow it yourself. That one giant food store chain sets the prices and the profits rise to the delight of the stock holders.

We need more people like Senator Bernie Sanders. When will this situation change? Not until the majority of the population voices their opposition.


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