Posted by: coastcontact | July 14, 2015

“Peace for Our Time”

The phrase “Peace for Our Time” was spoken on 30 September 1938 by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his speech concerning the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration.[1] The phrase echoed Benjamin Disraeli, who upon returning from the Congress of Berlin in 1878 stated “I have returned from Germany with peace for our time.” It is primarily remembered for its ironic value: less than a year after the agreement, following continued aggression from Hitler and his invasion of Poland, Europe was plunged into World War II.

In an exclusive interview with Thomas L. Friedman, a columnist in the New York Times, the president explains why he has no second thoughts about the accord with Iran.

In my opinion President Obama has provided the world “Peace for Our Time.” He offers a series of explanations justifying his decision to reach a deal with Iran. The problem is that Iran has a history of supporting terrorists throughout the Middle East. The agreement does not stop Iran from obtaining conventional weapons that are used against everyone they consider an enemy. Iranians gather in their streets to yell “Death to America.” Is that the sign of a new friendlier Iran? We will live to rue the day this agreement was put in play.


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