Posted by: coastcontact | July 2, 2015

A Less Than United Nation

The rift between rural America and urban America reached its peak when the South declared itself a separate country. Many differences were not resolved with the end of the Civil War. Yes slavery was ended but the bitterness remains palpable. This issue really revolves around the choice of change or keep things the way they have always been. Conservatives abhor change. “(Give Me That) Old-Time Religion” is a traditional Gospel song dating from 1873.

Inherit the Wind poster

It was good for our mothers,…
It was good for our fathers,…
It will take us all to heaven,…

The song and its sentiments have been recited in many movies because they are, in my opinion, the beliefs and philosophy of most southern and mid-western families. “Inherit the Wind” really does tell us the differences between the big city view of the world and the small town/country view.

“Five days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage, a federal judge for the Southern District of Alabama on Wednesday clarified that such couples should be granted licenses to marry. But neither judicial action cuts much ice in parts of Alabama and in other devout areas of the South where same-sex marriage is looked on as anathema. In Kentucky, four county clerks were refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples and one in Louisiana was refusing, according to a count by Amanda Snipes, campaign manager for Southerners for Freedom to Marry. In Hood County, south of Ft. Worth, County Clerk Katie Lang initially posted a statement saying she would not issue same-sex marriage licenses due to her religious beliefs, but she posted another statement online late Tuesday saying her office will issue them.”

“The Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote blocked the state of Texas, at least for now, from enforcing a strict new abortion law that was likely to close most of the state’s remaining abortion clinics. Gov. Greg Abbott had defended the abortion restrictions as Texas’ then-attorney general, and continued to support the restrictions after winning the gubernatorial election in November. He described HB 2 as “a constitutional exercise of Texas’ lawmaking authority,” and said in a statement Monday that he is “confident the Supreme Court will ultimately uphold this law.” An abortion bill that would require women in North Carolina to wait 72 hours before having the procedure cleared the state Legislature on Wednesday June 1 and is now heading to the desk of Gov. Pat McCrory.”

The above were copied from the Los Angeles Times. They accurately report the difference between Southern and Mid-Western states compared to the North East and West Coast states. The views on gay marriage and abortion are 180 degrees from each other. Those are the two most significant differences that really separate Americans. There are other issue that separate Americans too. Right-to-work states are primarily those in the South but include many mid-western states.

Right to Work States

The above map of the Right-to-work states is similar to the maps of those states that have been more likely to oppose abortions. The also happen to be the states that fought the Affordable Care Act and other more progressive (liberal) laws.

I am not convinced America is really the united States.


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