Posted by: coastcontact | June 26, 2015

N****R, F**K

You know the two words written in the title of this commentary. Everyone in America knows those two words. So who are we fooling when we won’t put them in print and bleep them out in news casts or other programs where they are used? No one!

The need to be politically correct drives our decision making. I still use the word “Oriental” to designate people from the Far East. Instead the currently preferred word is “Asian.” Aren’t people from India, Pakistan, and Turkey also Asian? The last time I checked a map everyone east of the Ural Mountains are from Asia. What exactly is wrong with the word “Oriental?”

Watching Part one of CNN’s “The Seventies” there is a clip that includes the word “Nigger” and “Honky” “used on an episode of “The Jefferson.” Maybe we were shocked by the use of those words on television but it certainly did not cause us to turn of the program. Archie Bunker of “All in the Family” helped us confront bigotry.  It wasn’t just television that used those words.  Movies in the 70s also used those words too.  Blazing Saddles used the word  “Nigger” numerous times and the movie was a great success.

“Fuck” “is used profusely in many movies. It is overdone when script writers lack the ability to write worthwhile dialog. I have turned many movies off when that happens.

What does this all prove? As a nation we are hypocrites.


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