Posted by: coastcontact | June 11, 2015

“Fast Track” is the Fast Elimination of American Jobs

The Los Angeles Times argues that the ‘fast track’ bill on trade makes sense in a June 10, 2015 editorial. Pointing out that “The nation’s five metropolitan areas with the largest agricultural exports are all in California.” That is clearly a reason to support more free trade agreements that will help farmers sell their crops.   However the consequence of selling those crops overseas is higher food costs for Americans.

The United States is a consumer driven economy. That is an established fact. This country has a history of making everything from cars to bed sheets. I just walked through a Macy’s department store and looked at three men’s shirts made by well known manufacturers. All three were made in other countries: Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Chile. Recently purchased towels were made in India, carving knives made in Switzerland, and a desk chair made in China. We all know that consumer tech products are made in Asia. Where does that leave the blue collar, former middle class, Americans? Unemployed! The last thing the United States needs is another free trade agreement.

Update June 13, 2015 – from my congressman:

Brad Sherman

Dear Friend,

I voted NO on the Fast Track Trade Bill this afternoon. The House stood up for American workers and voted down the package that gives the President “Fast Track” authority that would force into place job killing legislation such as the Trans-Pacific-Partnership.

Washington’s trade policy in the past few decades has failed the American middle. For far too long, we have seen the U.S. export jobs rather than products. We can no longer afford to continue on this path. We must abandon these failed, so-called “free trade” policies of the past and take a new direction that creates more jobs here at home in America. We need balanced trade. That is why I have opposed NAFTA, CAFTA, MFN for China, and a host of bad trade deals we have adopted over the last 20 years.

Thank you very much for contacting me and sharing your views, I hope to hear from you further in the future.




  1. Very much in agreement with you

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