Posted by: coastcontact | May 13, 2015

Presidential Contradiction

President Barack Obama continues to be a mystery to me. Both in domestic and foreign affairs he speaks words and take actions that contradict.  His actions are really alarming.

He raised the troop levels in Afghanistan saying that the United States was there and we were responsible for the outcome.  Then he decided to withdraw all of our troops.

“Assad must go” were Obama’s words.  Use of chemical weapons was declared a red line but no troops were sent to Syria.  Instead Russia provided the president with a way out of the dilemma of his own making.

Ukraine has been part of the Russian empire for over 100 years.  My grandparents left Russia in about the year 1900.  Actually they left Ukraine. Watch “Fiddler on the Roof.”  The fear of the Jews was of the Czar of Russia.  Today the United States is contemplating aid to Ukraine to fight Russia.  Or are we contemplating aid?

The president has been a leading spokesman in the battle to reduce carbon emissions.

He does not want to approve the XL Pipeline.  He set aside additional areas of Alaska where oil exploration will be prohibited.  Now he has approved the building of an oil exploration derrick in the Bearing Sea to be built and maintained by Shell Oil.

Obama has said he is concerned about the shrinking middle class but still he wants to implement a free trade agreement that will enable more jobs to be outsourced to countries that have low paid labor that will benefit business with higher net income.

Perhaps it’s the stress of the job as president that has caused Barack Obama to pursue so many contradictory decisions.  Then again there might be some conflicts of interest.  No matter what the cause his decision making is making other nations uncomfortable and causing Democrats and the entire American population to wonder about the decision making process.



  1. It is clear that this administration is not concerned about their actions matching their words.

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