Posted by: coastcontact | April 18, 2015

Say NO to New Free Trade Agreements

Are you all asleep?  Haven’t you noticed that all of your clothes are not made in America?  When did you see any item that was made in America? I have found a few but they are rare and have had only the smallest effect on our country.  Think Cutco Knives and American Apparel.   Call for technical help and you speak to someone in India or the Philippines.  Southern California Edison is reportedly bringing in Indian workers to be trained here, then return to their home country to take the jobs of those who did the training.  Honda and Whirlpool are just two of the many manufacturers who have built factories in Mexico that will save those companies millions of dollars in labor costs.  The average worker pay in a Mexican auto assembly plant is $5.64 per hour versus $27.78 per hour in the United States.  All of this is today, before a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is put into place.  Where are the jobs that NAFTA was forecast to bring to America?

The jobs did come to America.  They just aren’t the jobs we had hoped for.  It’s called Logistics. That’s a fancy word for distribution and warehouse jobs.  Those are the jobs of truck drivers, unloading and loading trucks, putting away and pulling products using hand carts, fork lifts, and other warehouse equipment.  Those mostly poor paying jobs are going to the poorly educated including illegal aliens.

Democrats talk a good line but they need the contributions that big business supplies.  Hillary Clinton, as of this date, refuses to take a position on the TPP.  For reasons that are a mystery to me many people believe the Democratic Party is concerned about the shrinking American Middle Class.  There is no evidence that either political party cares one iota.  They do care about money for their next campaign.  Everyone needs to put pressure on their representative (congressman) to stop sending jobs out of the country.



  1. Good to see others on the same page. There are some great sites working on this problem and protests planned world wide. I have and will continue to email and call the senators and reps from my state. Last I checked clinton is siding with the democrats who are public about standing up against this corporate sell out. No corporations should be involved in any capacity in trade agreements

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